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About our company

Advance Plumbing and Electrical was started in 1991 by the Owner/Operator Barth Squires.  We are proud to say we are going into our 28th year of business.  


We chose the quotation "When Quality Counts" because, here at Advance Plumbing and Electrical, we strive to satisfy every customer by giving them the best quality service. Every job, big or small, has the same priority and dedication from beginning to end.


We are a family owned business so we fully understand the unexpected emergencies that may arise. We take pride in making sure our customers are taken care of as quickly as possible, so after the emergency you can get your homelife back to normal.  


Bart and Sharon Squires work well together as a team and would like for you to become a part of the Advance Plumbing and Electrical Family. We offer coupons for referrals and first time customers.  


Like us on Facebook and look for the Referral Reward.   To refer someone us simply call the office at 803-221-2143. For estmates and service calls, call 803-617-8707

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